Savannah Somers Interview - Canada's Rising Pop Star

Meet Canadian pop star, Savannah Somers. With the release of her single ‘River’, Savannah Somers made waves in the Toronto music scene. We had a chat to the rising vocalist about ‘River’, the future of the project, and more.

Futuremag Music: Hey Savannah, how's life over in Canada?

Savannah Somers: It’s great! Well, it’s cold right now and you really have to seize the sunlight, but the vibe of the city is good and there are a lot of interesting things to be a part of.

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through your relationship and history with music? How did you move into making music?

Savannah Somers: Music has just always been a part of life as I know it. I love how it’s a form of communication and every single person can take something different from it. I was raised by my mom and my family members so I was around a lot of different music all the time. I was making up melodies and phrases for as long as I can remember. I always knew it was something I wouldn’t be able to not do.


Futuremag Music: Can you outline how you've developed your sound over the years? What direction are you looking to take in the future?

Savannah Somers: I think I feel like my sound is always developing. My mind is very active so it really depends on what I’m in tune with at the time, and what happens out of that. I have a great respect for music and I feel like there’s so much to explore. I’m just down to be a part of as much of it as I can. Every project I work on has its own creation process and, it just becomes what it’s supposed to become. I want to keep working with different artists and producers and I want to see what we can come up with. The most important thing for me is to share stories and messages. I want to do that with music and other creative outlets as well.

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your track 'River'? What went into the production and writing of the single?

Savannah Somers: ‘River’ took quite some time to complete, maybe around a year. There’re many different sounds and parts to it, I wanted to take the listener on the journey that I went on while creating it. I was going through a messy separation and I was staying at my moms house. I remember sitting at my uncles old keyboard early in the morning and just looking out the window. I was kind of in a foggy trance but I had a moment of clarity and knew that I deserved peace in my life and that I really needed to focus on that. I put my hands on the keys and wrote “you can’t give me no power/ can’t tell me how to live no more/ leave me to watch the river/ take the thoughts of what I was before [...]”. Which stayed as a stripped down intro. The guy made me feel like shit out his own insecurities and I wasn’t having it anymore. I knew I wanted the rest of the song to be a lot more fun and about finding peace and power within so I wrote the rest after I started working with the talented Adrian Hogan (SLWJMZ). He’s amazing and can really take things anywhere so this one was a lot of fun and we drew from many different genres, really just trying out what we felt at the moment and tying everything together with the vocals.

Futuremag Music: What does the future hold for ‘River’?

Savannah Somers: We have a house version of ‘River’ coming out on DNH records by Martino Lozej and The Trackheadz that sounds wicked, they really took it somewhere else it wanted to go. Before the track was finished, I sent it to Nick Holder just to share and he wanted to do something with it. I really didn’t see it at the time but I’m all for creation, so I trusted that and it sounds really interesting.

Futuremag Music: A funny one to wrap it up, if 'Savannah Somers' was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Savannah Somers: Ha! Well it definitely wouldn’t be perfectly balanced. But this could be good.

1.5 appleton rum, 0.5 oz coconut rum, 2 oz ginger beer (or more to taste), 0.5 oz fresh lime juice, a splash of honey or cane syrup, a splash of your favourite bitters, and garnish with lime, (can roll in coconut zest). I haven’t tried this but I will! If you do, please let me know! Cheers!