The Endorphins Interview - The Swedish Funksters

Meet The Endorphins, a Swedish duo boasting talent rivalling the likes of Disclosure. If you're into Nu Disco, house or funk, then you will love these guys! We had a chat to The Endorphins about their new single 'Enough', the music scene, and the future direction of the project.

Futuremag Music: How did you two meet?

The Endorphins: Let's say we've known each other our whole lives. We've grown up listening to and loving a lot of the same music so it was a pretty smooth transition from that to making music together.

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through the writing process of 'Enough'?

The Endorphins: With this song, it's been a long process. We actually started writing this song in 2013. This version is like the fifth version we did. It's been going through all kinds of filters, we even took it to another producer to mess with it. But then this year, we finally got it! With the vocals, the synths, the background vocals, the drums, everything done on different locations. 

Since this is a disco track with more focus on the groove and feel good, recording the bass and figuring out the bassline was really fun. To really nail the groove! We also loved recording the background vocals in the pre chorus with Erik Rapp, the smoothness where all the angelic falsettos meet is almost too much (in a good way).

Futuremag Music: How did you meet 'Enough' collaborators Pure P, Erik Rapp, and Olle Lundberg?

The Endorphins: We've actually known everyone for a long time too (since 2009/2010). Pure P also had a part in our first single "Ms. Right Now" as co-writer and is going to be a big part our future projects, we do a lot of stuff with him. Erik Rapp is an amazing artist in his own right, an honor to have him working with us on this one. Hopefully we'll do more stuff together. Olle Lundberg is a fantastic bass player, I hope we can take him with us on the road next year. Having all these amazing individuals involved on one track and create that magic is exactly what we're about.


Futuremag Music: What's the state of the music scene in you eyes?

The Endorphins: It's in a pretty good place right now and it's going forward. What's bad about artists making most of their money on live shows is that it becomes more about quantity than quality in their performances. But we love that music is so easy to release nowadays. That you can make a song one day and release it the next (if you want to). Otherwise we wouldn't hear all our favorite edits, remixes and club joints. They're often released like that and it's not like everyone has a label with a budget, even though you're super good. 

Futuremag Music: If 'The Endorphins' was a cocktail what would be in it to best describe yourselves and your music?

The Endorphins: A mix of 80's pop, 90's R&B, HipHop from the 00's and house/garage from the 10's is a pretty good description I guess, haha.

Futuremag Music: What's the future direction of The Endorphins project?

The Endorphins: We're planning to release a new single early next year and we have an EP that's almost finished that we've scheduled for this spring. We have a lot of really interesting guests working with us on this project, I think we have gathered the best people in Sweden that's doing music in the vibe that we're doing and love. For example, we have one joint called "Compensation" produced by Tommy Black (Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul), another one called "All Night" that's co-produced by Jake Oh from Jarami (Frank Ocean) and we have some of the best rappers from Sweden on the EP, Joe Lefty & Lazee. We're super excited for 2018 and to share this music with everybody!