THIS THAT: CXLOE - Vibey Intimate Pop

We caught up with one of Australia’s flourishing electro pop stars, CXLOE ahead of her appearance at This That Festival in Newcastle on the 9th of November. We found out that Smash Mouth is unequivocally better than Rebecca Black and much more!

Futuremag Music: Hey CXLOE, what's good in your stretch of the woods? 

CXLOE: Hi! I’m currently in Europe for a writing trip so I’m pretty stoked about that, then coming back in time for This That festival! 

Futuremag Music: Seeming the festival is called This That, let's play a game... Would you prefer This or That?

Mainstream Pop (This) or Alt Pop (That), why? 

CXLOE: Mainstream Pop (This) - I love straight down the middle pop. It gets me the most excited about music and always hits me the hardest ( in the feels )

Smash Mouth - All Star (This) or Rebecca Black - Friday (That), why?

CXLOE: Smash Mouth - All Star (This) - its gotta be good pop!

This Stage (This) or That Stage (That), why? 

CXLOE: That Stage (That) - always down for a vibey intimate show! 

Futuremag Music: Who are you keen to see this at This That? 

CXLOE: Meg Mac, because she’s just a Goddess!

Futuremag Music: What are you bringing to the table for This That? 

CXLOE: A show, that’ll be spectacular in many ways!

Futuremag Music: To wrap it up, if CXLOE was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music? 

CXLOE: Hmmm I feel like they would be two very different cocktails… To describe myself it would be - a decaffeinated iced tea mocktail. To describe my music it would be - a dubliner whisky on the rocks.


Luke Byatt