Touch Sensitive Interview - Sun Set Sessions

Meet Touch Sensitive, Australia's grooviest bass player and electro connoisseur. We caught up with Michael Di Francesco, the man behind the Touch Sensitive project for a bite sized interview ahead of his tour with Corona SunSets.

Futuremag Music: How would you describe your music to someone who isn’t familiar with your sound? Could you give us some background to your relationship with music over the years?

Touch Sensitive: Not sure, maybe a little bit of everything I like from the past mixed with a bit of the present. I’ve been in a relationship with music for a good part of my life, whenever I’ve thought of getting out it pulls me back in, It’s a long term till death does us part type deal although sometimes I do like to sit in silence mostly in an Uber and even then I’m going to or coming from music


Futuremag Music: What can fans expect from your upcoming tour with Corona SunSets? What are you looking forward to about the tour?

Touch Sensitive: Looking forward to drinking lots of corona and maybe playing a couple of new things that I’ve been working on, also got a new Warwick bass which I’m excited to play.

Futuremag Music: Where's your favourite place to wind down? Who would you share the experience with and why?

Touch Sensitive: My favourite place is easy my lounge room floor in the sun with cats, sometimes both sometimes just one but usually both - normally they're waiting for me at the door, more dog than cat like, “Cog” I think a rescue dog would complete the set but I’m away to often, in the future maybe.

Futuremag Music: What can we expect from the Touch Sensitive project in the next 12 months?

Touch Sensitive: Finishing an EP and hopefully a tour around that then maybe start another record.

Check out all tour dates, venues and times HERE
Corona SunSets Presents Touch Sensitive
July and August 2018
All tour dates are 18+ only