UNIIQU3 Interview - Be Honest & Have Fun.

Meet UNIIQU3, one of the most electrifying producers in the game. Hailing from the USA, this killer producer is now headed to Australia for the Women In Electronic Music Conference and the Masterclasses to be held in Sydney on the 17th of June. 

UNIIQU3, the Jersey club queen will be imparting her extensive music production knowledge in this one-off interactive Masterclass. UNIIQU3 will be teaching the production techniques necessary to make the hottest club bangers, from vocal manipulation and chops to live sampling.

We had a chat to this breathtaking producer about her upcoming Masterclass and Conference, as well as her new single 'Trunk' released on NLV Records.

Futuremag Music: How did you move into music initially?

UNIIQU3: Music has been something that’s always been apart of my life. I was a performance art brat all throughout my childhood. So even though I didn’t I was going to be a DJ, I knew that I’d be some kind of entertainer.

Futuremag Music: You have a new single coming out on NLV Records. How did you meet NLV, and NLV Records? Can you give us some insight to your production methods of creating the track.

UNIIQU3: My music lead me to meet Nina. She was the first person to take me on tour, and an international one at that. Ever since then she’s been supportive of my music and my club movement. She’s one of the most genuine people I’ve met in the music game and she hella talented.

Futuremag Music: As part of the Women In Electronic Music Conference you’re leading a masterclass on music production. Can you please outline what you’re going to teach, and your goal for the session?

UNIIQU3: Well It’s an interactive production class. Instead using sample’s I plan on using the students and we’ll see where it goes from there!

Futuremag Music: What are some of your tips to make killer tracks?

UNIIQU3: Don’t overthink it. Be honest and most importantly have fun.

Futuremag Music: If you could make a cocktail called “UNIIQU3” what would you put into it? To best describe you and your music.

UNIIQU3: It would be champagne and a fruit. Classy but you could get ratchet and lit, enhances vulnerability and could be used to ease pain or to celebrate. Fruit because I’m sweet, organic and extra.

Futuremag Music: What’s the plan for you in the coming year?

UNIIQU3: So much. I’m finally releasing a full project but my ultimate goal is to have fun with everything though. For now tho I’m highly thankful, enjoying the moment but still plotting.