VIDEO PREMIERE: Azura - Satellites

Brisbane vocalist and producer, Azura has returned with a music video for ‘Satellites’, another vibrant visual pulled from her recent Mars Violet EP. We previously premiered Azura’s music video for ‘Yours’, which you can watch, HERE.

Primarily filmed by Azura on a recent trip to Japan, with additional footage from the video’s editor, Katy Roubin, ‘Satellites’ portrays a personal and authentic journey. Japan’s diverse and wide reaching beauty morphs with Azura’s crisp composition generating a lush parallel between audio and visuals. The track’s fluid cadence is reflected in Roubin’s ornate edit. The retro and humble appearance is built upon a baroque structure of jump cuts, sweeping transitions, speed ramps, and elating effects that are subtly layered. Each aspect of the video and associated edit echos ‘Satellites’ soaring soundscape.

Azura and Katy Roubin’s collaborations are stunning blend of creativity. I can’t wait to see what’s to come from both Azura and Roubin.