Brisbane's own, Azura has returned with a magnificent music video for her sensational single, 'Yours'.

Azura delivers a track that swells with desires, forged through vivid vocals, a prosperous production, and vivacious imagery. 'Yours' morphs spacious synths, rich beats, and overarching angelic aspects into a superb symphony of audio visual pleasure. As the single progresses, Azura's alluring presence surges unbridled. Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Katy Roubin, the music video flourishes throughout its lush aesthetic. With each striking note and lavish lyric, Azura's determination, and attention to detail is perfectly paired with Roubin’s artistic direction.

The ‘Yours’ music video is yet another teaser from Azura’s forthcoming Mars Violet EP, that is set to drop on Friday, November 2.