VIDEO PREMIERE: G Elenil - Cool it

Brisbane’s G Elenil has flourished with the release of the ‘Cool it’ music video.

‘Cool it’ flaunts romanticised retro with contemporary compositions, which meld to sweep through the video’s vivacious progression. Through blending crisp contemporary collages with sincerely structured shots, ‘Cool it’ portrays a varied viewing experience. The multi talented producer, vocalist, designer, and fashion label owner showcases her diverse array of skills throughout the track, and accompanying video. Product placement from G Elenil’s label adds an extra layer of charm and character to the baroque setting and structure. Overall ‘Cool it’ is an audio visual spectacle!

G Elenil is destined for greatness. I can’t wait for her next move.

[Cool It is] about wanting something and being on the limit of your abilities. The sort of people that find themselves there are my favourite people. I want them to feel this track like that.
— G Elenil